Qepos CashKeeper is the most effective solution to manage cash for your business. Like: Restaurant, Pub, Dine-in, Takeaway, bars, catering, pharmacy, retail stores and many more.

There are many versions available in Cashkeeper. Like: CashKeeper Apolo, CashKeeper Sigma, CashKeeper Zeus, CashKeeper Zeus Sigma, CashKeeper CK950. Qepos Solution Ltd is Authorised dealer of CashKeepr in gulf countries. Here we share a CashKeepr CK950 some features which helps you to know more about CashKeeper CK950 product.


The Qepos CashKeeper CK950 has a robust and compact design that is more suitable for any business type. Bills and coins - both are managed in a single device. Qepos CashKeeper CK950 module installation is very simple as it was a single device. The shop owner will connect CK950 with the POS System using an Ethernet connection. In the addition, You can be personalized its front side with an advertising image that is magnetized to its surface. So, it will also be an excellent advertising medium for any business. This is a great function for making extra income by advertising some other brands, or you can showcase your brand.


The Qepos Cashkeeper CK950 is different and unique from other cash drawers because of its security functions. The money is managed from the time when the customer puts money into the machine. It was a unique way for the people. No one can touch or sees the money as the machine is highly secure. So, there is no temptation in any way to steal it by outsider people or by your employees. Each and every cash transaction will be charged without errors in exchange so, shop owners will avoid theft and robberies. The main and very important functionality of the Qepos CashKeeper CK950 is it installed with a security anchor on the counter.


Last year after started the covid pandemic we realized the need to keep our hygiene standard in all the areas of our life. But to maintain hygiene in public places such as shops are more critical. So, we can say the hygiene feature of Qepos Cashkeeper CK950 is an advantage of our product. Cash is never touched by staff is contributes to maintaining a more hygienic issue in the business space. The food stores such as bakeries or patisseries, butchers, fishmongers and many more stores who`s essential that employees who touch the food that will not touch the cash with their hands using cashkeeper ck950.


The CK950 box is always fit. You will no longer have to review the whole day operations and see that you have lack of cash. But, in addition, the Qepos Cashkeeper CK950 ensures that you always charged for read coins and bills, no one person is going to be able to change a bill or drop a fake coin into the machine. You will have information on the cash available at the time and you will be able to collect the box in closed and replaceable boxes of both coins and bills. The Qepos Cashkeeper CK950 alerts you when your cash level is low so you can reload it and you can control it remotely.

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