The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and the world of work.

Contactless ordering for Dinein


In this covid era, all the countries are impelling towards reopening restaurant in-house dining. Current restrictions to reduce human contact and maximize social distancing are also being implemented. As guests come for dining, there will be higher expectations for hygiene and safety.

Under these guest expectations and new restrictions, is your restaurant ready for reopening? According to a survey of the public who prefer dine-in, the large majority of guests want to maintain distance from the restaurant staff and prefer contactless payment methods. As per the survey result, restaurant owners will need to be strategic about decrease the contact between guest and them staff members to ensure, guest feel safe and make them as returning customer.

Nowadays restaurants will be reopening is a positive sign for the food industry, worldwide survey data shows that guest traffic was very much lower. And it decreases the confidence of other restaurant owners who wants to reopen their dine-in restaurants. You need to do something to restore your guest's trust. It means you need to take safety as a priority of your guest and your staff members.

We are a leader in the restaurant industry with over 14 years of deploying order-and-pay solutions for restaurant dining rooms, we want to help the restaurant industry remain and grow through the use of innovative Q-Hospitality technology. Our latest Contactless Dining module permits restaurants to operate in an environment that can encourage customers about their personal safety.

What Is the Contactless Dinein?

Q-Hospitality Contactless Dining Module empowers your restaurant to give an end-to-end contactless dining experience to your restaurant guests. The guests can view the menu, place orders, check summary, and pay at the table—without the need for any human contact just simply using QR code which is available on table. There is a unique QR code for each tables.

Some features of our Contactless Dining module:

Contactless menu:

After guest take a seat on the table, guests can access the menu by scanning the QR code sticker which is available on their table. They can view the full menu, add items to their order, view order summery and pay using their phone. Optionally, people also have access to their loyalty rewards points.

Contactless Order:

There is two options available at the time of payment. One is Paylater or pay by card. If guest choose Paylater option then they have to add Passcode which is available in QR code. The passcode feature will be added for the security of payment. Once guest place the order and payment term was card, then it was displayed directly on the Kitchen using QHospitality Software. If customer choose paylater option at the time of order placed then, first the order summary was displayed in Till machine and after accepting the order by restaurant staff it will shows on kitchen display.

Contactless Payment:

If guests pay by card at the time of order placing then they no need to contact restaurant staff for payment. But, if guests chooses the pay later option then they will do payment with cash or other online payment services.

Benefits of QHospitality Contactless Dining Module

By deploying the QHospitality - Contactless Dining Module, your restaurant can eliminate unsensitised objects that are often touched by staff and guests at the time of guest dine-in. The unsanitized objects are such as menu book, cash, credit cards and invoices. With the use of a contactless digital menu, your restaurant management can easily update menus using QHospitality software at special days, or weekends.

QHospitality- contactless ordering module helps your restaurant to ensure it meets social distancing restrictions and makes your guests feel safe. There is no need to interaction between guuest and staff members from the start to end of their meal, except for when a runner brings the food to the table while wearing a mask and gloves.

Our Qhospitality contactless dine-in module helps your restaurant assure it meets social distancing restrictions and gives your guests feel safe. The guest will not require to communicate with staff members from the start to the end of their meal, except for when a staff serves the food to the table while wearing a gloves and mask.

Succeed in the New COVID-19 Normal

The QHospitality - Contactless Dining module helps to get promote table turnover and operational efficiency. It allows you to work at the maximum allowable capacity while offering guests complete peace of mind. It also helps restaurant management to reposition your front-of-house staff into other roles such as promotions or to-go orders.

Get set up with the module in less than an hour. The QHospitality- Contactless dining module deployment is easy and takes less than an hour in most cases. Additionally, we are tracking state and local regulations to make sure that the QHospitality Contactless Ordering module helps you comply with the new restrictions for minimizing human contact and maximizing social distancing.

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