APOLO (Coin module): Modular Cash Handling System

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Cash management is always tricky. The Qepos Solution Ltd is an authorized distributor of Cashkeeper. And we are the only distributor in European countries. Combine solution with our POS software, it is the absolute mechanism to obtain total control of your store cash, avoiding possible failures due to mistakes in change, stealing money or queries with faulty invoices and coins. With our secure cash management system, we’re able to solve all problems quickly and effectively. Compact, multi-currency equipment providing safety and hygiene. The box that always fits. Comfortable and easy to set up.


APOLO (Coin module)

Efficient, modular and scalable Cash Handling System

In the new and expanding world of cash management, keeping up with technology is a strategic necessity. But with dozens of product configurations available to automate your cash management processes, making the right investment for your business can be challenging. We can help you navigate the market to find the right cash handling, storage, and automation technology for your business needs. We’ll partner with you to help your business evaluate the leading cash management solutions, and choose the technology promising the best ROI.

The system is responsible for securely and automatically handling all transactions inside the establishing, whether or not they are acquiring sales to customers or potential amounts and cash outflows, giving important time saving and assure a high level of security, support and cash balance. With Qepos Cashkeeper, cash counts are performed automatically, saving a huge amount of store owner`s time in counting and balancing of money.

  • Nobody sees or touches the money.
  • There are no temptations.
  • Money is never in sight or reach of would-be thieves or our employees.
  • Easy to integrate into counters.
  • Avoid theft and robbery.
  • All transactions are charged.
  • There are no mistakes in the change.
  • Safety anchor to the counter.


Compact equipment
  • With a single computer, both bills and coins are managed.
  • Easy to install.





Technical details
Coins (By modules)
  • Accepted 2ct, 5 ct, 10 ct, 50 ct, £1 and £2.
  • Coin acceptance speed up to 4 coins/sec.
  • Output speed up to 10 coins/sec.
  • Maximum capacity 2,500 coins.
  • Change up to 1,500 coins
  • Cash drawer capacity: 500 coins
  • Recycle and give change: all of £.
  • Ethernet connection required.
  • User friendly interface



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