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With Qepos - Store management software you can manage your whole enterprise stress-free from your head office. Discover retail software solutions and POS systems that will help you streamline your business, increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Forget the pains of multiple applications that you have to set up, integrate, learn to use and maintain.

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Retail Management Software

Solution for Retail, Fashion, Pharmacy and Wholesale businesses


Streamline your business with an integrated Retail Management Software that covers your whole retail operations.You can Check how your business is performing in real time; so you can make better financial decisions basing on precise, up-to-date information.Retail Management Software is responsive, fast and easy to learn.

From point of sale (POS) terminals through inventory management, reporting, e-commerce, you can manage your day-to-day retail, supermarket operations centrally.It works offline and never rely on internet.

Inventory Management

Retail management software equipped with tool which enables the user in the entire inventory management lifecycle from the purchase to point of sale.Tools of retail inventory management assist stores in satisfying customers, lowering expenses, and increasing profits. Our Software helps merchants to monitor available stock to ensure that they satisfy customer demand without running out of stock or carrying too much inventory.
Our software alerts you to what things sell the most, as well as non-moving and expiring items, so you can take remedial action. Retail Management Software includes reorder based on smar recommendations, and avoid shortages.

Employee And Customer Management

Retail management software includes a feature that allows users to manage team accounts for all employees. User can create employee accounts quickly allowing them to log in and examine the tabs that correspond to a specific job or task. Employee access privileges can be specified and restricted.

Retail Management Software has a feature to add different type of customers like account, credit and deposit.This customer module allows users to keep track of their sales and transactions.Retailers can offer special incentives to their consumers with this software, such as loyalty points, vouchers, and pre-set special discounts.

Data Protection and Security

The Retail Management Software's user rights will help you protect your vital data in the system by restricting access to only a few members of your staff. The user's information, such as products, sales history, and customer transactions, is safe because it is password protected.

Retail management software includes an automatic data backup feature that allows users to restore original data in the event of a system or hard drive failure. This is one of our software's best features for preventing data loss in any situation.


Reporting And Analytics

Reporting and analytics tools are included in Retail Management Software and are vital for any retailer because they inform you exactly what's going on in your organisation. By properly analysing your data, you can make well-informed decisions about stock ordering, promotions, and staffing, among other things.

These report allows users to see how much capital they have invested in stock, stock reports that show which goods are running low, product performance such as rapid selling, a summary of items sold each month or week, and a sales overview for a certain time period.









  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management and loyalty
  • Barcode generation and stock management
  • Secure user privileges
  • Fulfillment and warehouse management system (e.g. barcode, shelving, restocking)
  • Sales order workflow, purchase order management
  • Mobile PoS (Tablet,PDA)
  • Employee, Customer, Vendor management
  • Promotions, offers and discounts
  • User friendly sales interface
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Prompt Technical Support


System Requiremets
  • Processor minimum:1.8GHz
  • RAM minimum: 1GB
  • HDD minimum : 60GB
  • Operating System: Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 10

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